Detroit – the Anvil of the Sabbat.

It was called this due to it’s blue-collar nature. It was one of the few cities the Sabbat hung on to for its monetary income. This, of course, was not it’s only benefit. The dark, seedy underbelly of the city also bred the nature of the Sabbat. For years, the city was the sole territory of the Sabbat. That is, until the Camarilla somehow managed to gain a foothold and push the Sabbat across the Detroit River, into Windsor, Ontario.

Times were hard in Detroit. The failing economy was speeding up the blight which was quickly overtaking the former hub of industry. The people had no idea that their battles with crime, drugs, and survival were only secondary to the war going on behind the curtain…

Detroit by Night is an online resource for White Wolf Game Studio’s World of Darkness games. This is the go-to destination for information for the DBN table-top game (currently sporadically active).

Detroit by Night

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