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  • Barington

    The Brujah Primogen is the head of the “True Cross” gang. While his gang doesn’t seem to have specified turf, every faction in the city thinks twice before acting against them. Barrington is said to be a former military, but it isn’t known what branch …

  • Rashid

    Rashid is the Nosferatu Primogen, and is quite the cynic. While he has no shortage of information, he shows a great distain for Edison, and sometimes refers to himself in the third person.

  • Janitor

    The Malkavian Primogen is known to assist T-Bone in cleaning up breaches of the Masquerade, but his handiwork usually comes at a price. He has not been as public as he once was...

  • Darius

    Darius is the Tremere Primogen, and takes his role incredibly seriously, answering only to Regent Locklane

  • Gregory Pine

    Pine, the Primogen of the Ventrue Clan is not a happy man. It’s said that since he stepped down from Princedom and resumed the Primogen role for his clan, his anger has increased ten-fold. Although the rumor is that he lost a lot of money in the real …