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  • Seth

    The Prince of the City. No one is known to have actually seen Seth in person, as he always appears and acts as and through other beings. The Primogen Council meets sporadically, however, since no one seems to know how to even ask for a meeting..

  • Malcolm

    Malcolm is a known Ventrue, and handles a large number of matters for the Prince. He is always dressed to the nines, as the kids say, and seems to be the only one who can reach Seth.

  • Alexander Saris

    Alexander believes in the fortification of Detroit to be the pinnacle gateway for the Camarilla to overtake the Canadian hold by the Sabbat.

  • Raphael de Torres

    Raphael is the Toreador Primogen, representing the Roses in the city’s council. Known to many as a purveyor of art, he frequently holds gatherings at the Detroit Institute of Art.

  • Deacon

    A Brujah scholar, bordering on street preacher in his passions. He is very open and inviting to anyone new to the city, and is at the heart of any important social gathering.

  • Barington

    The Brujah Primogen is the head of the “True Cross” gang. While his gang doesn’t seem to have specified turf, every faction in the city thinks twice before acting against them. Barrington is said to be a former military, but it isn’t known what branch …

  • Edison

    Edison is a well-informed Nosferatu who spends quite a bit of time around the city, at several social events, thanks to his skills of Obfuscate.

  • Rashid

    Rashid is the Nosferatu Primogen, and is quite the cynic. While he has no shortage of information, he shows a great distain for Edison, and sometimes refers to himself in the third person.

  • Angel

    An up-and-comer in Detroit’s music world, this Toreador has come to the city with her vocal talents. She draws well at many performances.

  • T-Bone

    The city’s Sheriff, T-Bone hands out the justice of the Prince for any Traditions broken. He seems weary, with the battles raging constantly against the Sabbat.

  • Elsia

    A Gangrel who passes through town when the battles rage. Rumor has it, she and her coterie fight for pay.

  • Janitor

    The Malkavian Primogen is known to assist T-Bone in cleaning up breaches of the Masquerade, but his handiwork usually comes at a price. He has not been as public as he once was...

  • Darius

    Darius is the Tremere Primogen, and takes his role incredibly seriously, answering only to Regent Locklane

  • Locklane

    As Regent of Clan Tremere’s Detroit chantry, he has perfected several security methods to protect the higher-ranking members of Detroit’s Kindred society. He holds his House and Clan in the highest regard, and is said to “keep a neat house”.

  • Edmond

    It is said that Edmond is Locklane’s childe, but the two are nothing alike. Edmond seems to make his time as a type of “Bar Manager” at the Labyrinth Club.

  • Jesse

    Jesse is a younger member of the Clan Tremere. While said to have quite the mind for business and the occult, he seems quite bitter.

  • Bruce

    This member of Clan Ventrue is the Labyrinth's Head of Security. A very large man who intimidates the defensive lines of any football team that walks through the doors to Labyrinth. He can usually be found at the entrance to the club or pacing it’s …

  • Michael Bowerman

    Bowerman specializes in long-term investments, and has his hands in a few major corporations around the city. He is very proud of his accomplishments. You may have heard of them: Compuware, Olympia Entertainment, and Ford Motor Company?

  • Gregory Pine

    Pine, the Primogen of the Ventrue Clan is not a happy man. It’s said that since he stepped down from Princedom and resumed the Primogen role for his clan, his anger has increased ten-fold. Although the rumor is that he lost a lot of money in the real …