Detroit by Night


Characters: Trevor (Kevin), Ronan (Corey)

  • Trevor got a call from his detective friend who told him to watch out for gear thieves. He then got invited to Labyrinth to hang out with the rest of Hive Mind.
  • Ronan is asked to investigate a murder where the victim was pinned to a tree. He noted that the limbs of the victim were slowly growing.
  • Trevor went into the labyrinth and found the Janitor and Sebastian talking. Sebastian seemed flustered, and dropped a piece of paper, covered in writing.
  • Ronan found a piece of paper in the victim’s hand, which contained a poem with sections burned away.
  • Trevor watched over the Labyrinth from the catwalks, and blacked out.
  • Ronan met with Locklane about the murder details.
  • Trevor woke up in the mental institution, and had no idea how he got there. He was told he just walked in. He then had an encounter with his Sire pressing him against a padded wall and threatening him.
  • Locklane took Ronan to ward the Prince’s mansion.
  • Trevor went back to Labyrinth and his bandmates were angry at him for just leaving — something he didn’t remember.



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