Detroit by Night


Taunting Windsor

Characters: Trevor (Kevin)

  • Trevor met up with Alexander Saris and his band of muscle to prep and head to Windsor.
  • Trevor got into a scuffle with “Bobo” (one of Saris’ muscle) and they traded bullets and blows.
  • The crew went across the border with no issues via the Ambassador Bridge.
  • Saris and Trevor went to scout out “Joker’s Wild” to look for Sabbat. They found a couple and got into a scuffle, with Trevor taking some aggravated damage from one of the Sabbat.
  • Saris carried out a staked Sabbat member, as Trevor and Saris fleed.
  • Trevor made it back to the van and worked with the team to bomb one club, then go through and sweep Joker’s Wild with shotguns.
  • The team swept through the club in relative quick fashion, and made it back to the van. Saris was in the van, covered in blood.
  • The team maneuvered back over the bridge, after losing one member in the drive. Trevor took control and managed to get the truck back over the border to safety.



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