Detroit by Night


Something's brewing...

Characters: Trevor (Kevin), Ronan (Corey)

  • Trevor contacted his bandmate, Chad, about any gigs coming up. Chad said he’d get back to him.
  • Trevor hit the casino to make a bit of coin, and then headed to Labyrinth to see what was going on. There, he spoke to the Janitor, and the Malkavian Primogen touched on the idea of Trevor as an apprentice.
  • After seeing his mystery buxom blonde, Bambi, Trevor also encountered Sebastian, who apparently had a meeting with someone. Trevor pursued, but did not find who it was that Sebastian was talking to.
  • later, Trevor called his Sire, and he was having a Nosferatu issue at the old mental institution.
  • Trevor then got a call to supply some weed.
  • Ronan woke up late, and prepared his morning rituals, then headed to Labyrinth to pick up extra hours.
  • Under the watchful eye of Edmond, Ronan worked as a barback, and had a minor experience with Janitor. He then encountered Alexander Saris, rallying kindred to head to Windsor. Both Ronan and Trevor overheard this, and agreed to meet at dusk for the excursion.



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