Detroit by Night


The pot stirs

Characters: Trevor (Kevin)

  • After taking time to hunt and feed, Trevor and his band, “Hive Mind” played a gig downtown.
  • After the gig, Trevor was attacked by a bum, who called him “the devil”. After the short skirmish, a bit of Dominate sent the bum away.
  • While looking for information on city happenings, Trevor headed to the Labyrinth club.
  • Shortly after arriving, Trevor was grabbed by a Sabbat pack member and pulled into the maze.
  • Trevor and the Sabbat member fought, and Trevor eventually managed to escape.
  • Trevor alerted security, and the team went into the maze, acquiring the Sabbat.
  • Trevor assisted Edmond with an interrogation, learning that Bishop Galarain sent him to cause some havoc, and that the Sabbat member was surprised that the Bishop’s pet werewolf was still in the city causing issues.
  • Trevor was given permission to do what he wanted to the Sabbat member, and soon decapitated him for Final Death.
  • Trevor also received permission to carry a concealed weapon into the club, to aid security.
  • After heading out to look for Sebastian and not finding him, he had a conversation with a blonde girl, who was deeply lonely and saddened… and thanked Trevor for listening to his Prince’s woes.
  • After returning to his haven, Trevor called his Sire, who chastised him for not truly seeing. As the call ended with his sire, he received a package via courier, which held a small stone medallion.



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